No cheers for cheer girls !

Why cheer leaders are being dragged in the moral debates I mean are they doing anything immoral .are we falling short of the masala of our daily doze, that now we have come up to an extent of comparing cheer leaders with bar girls.
Have they even been watching your Bollywood stars of late? rotating away in skimpy nothings, and this isn't just the movies, but the shows, on TV... it's everywhere... we're encouraging kids to emulate them too, after all. It's nothing new at all. But oh it's fine, they're good desi girls, and they won't give any bad impression, so they're not the issue. Is that it?
What do cheer leaders wear? Is it the issue we are worried about? Not actually Cheer leaders are out there doing their job - entertaining you, the audience, boosting the morale motivating our young boys who have recently ventured in to a new avatar of a novel cricket altogether.
It is quite ironic I must say…we claim to be in 21 century and adopting all the modern ways of living. Where does all this modernization goes when it comes to women? Be it sania mirza playing tennis or be it cheer leaders there is still stigma attached to it.
Lets decide today what do want…i guess we want sania to play tennis in a elegantly draped sari as it would suit that occasion isn’t? Or do we want our cheer leaders to be in a burqua and then cheer the team to win…. it would be apt for the event right!
What is the job of cheerleaders. …They have to be attractive. As at the end of the day its all tied up to the popularity, being on display, being attractive and well yes…. are they there to titillate ….well that’s a open debate.
But what they're NOT there to do, and for that my heart does go out to all these phirang ladies in short tops and skirts, they're not there to put up with what we're calling "lewd comments"... another massive and insulting understatement, much like "eve-teasing". . And on the top of it our lovely Indian men found a new way to pester not even desi but firangi girls also.
You know ..You would understand what am I talking about if you ever walk on the streets of Delhi or for the matter of fact in any big cities. For facing this trauma all u need to do is travel through a public transport
But what can we expect from a society where authorities are so sensitive over sex education being imparted to our young lot. I think a lot of Re-education needs to be done before addressing these issues..
So it's not really about just saving the cheerleaders, you know, I mean at the end of the day, they're going to pack up and go home. lets give our country a real reason to cheer over instead stretching the issue to a dead end
To conclude I would like to say to all the men out there to try and make their perspective of looking at things wider