I resolute to change……..

Overwrought Silence is the word for today
Regardless of tomorrow and yesterday

Standing in oblivion for future
Vulnerably, watching our world rupture

Engrossed in the pain and sorrow
Gone astray, expectancy of better a tomorrow

Indecisive, though about this inkling
On tenterhooks for a new dawn in offing

Vaguely, hopes would not be random
Only if we all concur to work in tandem

Phony hopes should not be infested
Until the obligatory gaffes are corrected

I hope I expect and I wish are prospective expressions
Right ain’t the attitude is my impression

Shifting civilization would not unravel the problem
A genuine attempt is needed to address all of them

The question arises, who would step in
I request volunteer, since it comes from with in

Lets all of us now, promise it to our personage
Before preaching, solitary I would be the first one to change


Satire of Information Age

"Seven days of twinge and misery for Bachchans and seven days of delight and break through for media"

It was 11th October, yet another customary day for all until a news flash came “Amitabh Bachchan has been rushed to hospital as he was complaining of severe abdominal pain”

With the twist of fate, Amitabh was celebrating his 66th birthday. The news instantly reached everyone. Amitabh had been admitted to hospital earlier also (for some other reasons), subsequently this shock had gripped the entire nation. While people started gathering around Amitabh’s palce ( Prateeksha and Jalsa) he was being sent under observation in the hospital

How could our media miss on such a golden opportunity? Editors must have called for urgent summits. Since this was the sole chance for them to cling on to the TRP Game ones again. Clearly, that had been a boring week with no major events happening (in the lives of celebrities) and now they had all the masala in the world to cook the bulletins on Amitabh.

Consequently, the media fraternity started gathering in front of Pratiksha, Jalsa, Nanavati hospital and later Lilavati hospital. Amitabh, is a obsession among people and media is aware of this fact. Therefore, every thing for media community was moving in a well designed pace. It was a major news story which could fetch them with follow up scoops for several days

Only because Amitabh was hospitalized his entire history was being shown on televison news. His career his childhood days, his struggle period, his father, his mother, his son, his wife, his daughter in law, his daughter .Of course we are talking about Amitabh Bachchan. Every aspect concerned about him was taken care off by newspersons (none of particulars pertaining to his life was omitted, even Rekha found her way in news too).

Apparently, Bachchans were the only subject matter of discussion in publications and the (24/7) news channels. The planning strategy started on day one: media people were placed in different locations, Pratiksha, Lilavati being few of them. The gossips found their way through the chai ki tapris’s near hospital (in the suburbs of Juhu) from where media groups kept a steady vigil on the family.

This was just the beginning of fun filled drama. This was nothing less than one of a Amitabh’s film which comprised of all the mellow drama, emotion, fiction, action, rona dhona, tragedy, being the some facets of it only difference it had was that this drama was not on celluloid but on small screen.

The entire nation had been stuck to their respective television screens clearly those people who unfortunately could not make it to Bombay among heaps of people following “BIG B”.
Spectators from the whole country were waiting in huge numbers at the entry and exit points of Pratiksha and Lilavati hospital and leading them were the media people

Fans and media had total different purpose for waiting: for fans, they wanted speedy recovery of their millennium star also some of them wanted to fool media by having some coverage of themselves ( some of them were successful I must admit).
Where as, media people were on the spots to record all the movements made by Bachchans. Needless to say they did not want to miss even a single of glimpse by any of the Bachchans or their closed ones and why not …..they can make news too.

Throughout, mikes were fixed firmly on to the Bachchans…whoever they could get hold of. No private moment was permissible to the family to grieve or to celebrate.

On the contrary journalists were there to make sure that whenever it’s feasible they could carry out some sound bytes, (their interviews). The camerapersons were on their toes all over to get all the obligatory visuals and bites or else they would be fired or would be rebuked by their respective bosses for not being vigilant on the field. As this one was an out and out exclusive story.

Hats off to media who were at their best to deliver even the minutest of the details about Mr.bachchan and family to the ever snooping masses. The details noticeably included:

Amitabh Bachchan had an apple today
He had a glass of water some time back
He will be on a liquid diet for some days
Amitabh just sneezed

This is such an important piece of information. I must express my gratitude to media for covering the news beyond belief and for making never ending episodes and dedicating them to Mr. Bachchan.
After all they are no ordinary people they are “The Bachchans” .......THE NEWS MAKERS.

Now, how can we overlook the exceptional tactics employed by media to lure their audiences and to raise their TRP’s. Series of rumors had been proliferated about Mr.Bachchan and they kept multiplying. Some of them were noted saying “Amitabh is very critical”, some of them said “Amitabh has been discharged” and so on.

Considerably, why this coverage should not be done? After all media has become a business now, Business of selling goods and services. Where in goods and services implies information. To ensure the prosperity of this business, news is being generated, appended with it the unparallel add ons.

While all this was going on a 2 year old boy was stuck under a 100 feet deep bore well in Agra. Hardly reporters were seen covering the incident; neither did the story find its place in the major chuck of news. Beyond doubt, it could have been a well thought out decision. Sonu or Amitabh who would make headlines?
The answer is quite obvious ............

Alas, seven days in and out masaledar coverage was given to Amitabh Bachchan with special tadka .Right through the day one, media followed the Bachchans from Prateeksha to Nanavati to Lilavati to Jalsa

Not to forget we had some unsung heroes in this story as well, who were waiting for a happy finale. A man who made his journey from Allahbad to Mumbai in a rickshaw, pulled by him, landed at the gate of Prateeksha. He kept waiting for Amitabh to return to his place. Besides, he was found distributing pamphlets for prompt recuperation of AB.
A woman sat on an indefinite hunger strike stating that she won’t eat anything until Amitabh recovers.

All these heroes and heroines were given equal weightege and importance by media and were captured by the shutter bugs incessantly.

Lets look at a phase used by a leading media channel, “mega star Amitabh Bachchan was discharged on Friday from Lilavati hospital where he was admitted last week after he complained of severe stomach pain. The actor dressed in white shirt accompanied by wife Jaya in white too, son Abhishek, daughter in law Aishwarya Rai left hospital at around 1040 hours and reached their residence Jalsa at suburban Juhu”. Amitabh bachchan was rushed to nanavati hospital which is barely one kilometer from Pratiksha on 11th of October”

The slightest of details was being accounted,” As if Amitabh is hospitalized was not enough for people, they had to know the distance between the residence of Bachchans and the hospitals.Moreover, the calculations of speed and time were done too..( the time bachchans had taken to reach home from hospital). Besides the dress color was the most vital element which could not be abandoned.

Guess we all know why Mr.Shivraj Patil changes his clothes thrice in a day !!!!!


The chronicle of doldrums

Why do people get upset? Why is that whenever we are dejected and discontented we choose not to communicate, although we still express it involuntarily without being aware of it. Nevertheless we pass on the message silently through our body language and our gesticulations. Remember KATTI….of our childhood days.
Where KATTI….. KATTI……. KATTI , when whispered three times signifies that this was a severe brawl and hence, no communication will take place from now on come what may.
Well I could never figure out answers to these questions but they still keep popping up in ma mind like stubborn frogs.

Well well, I am no psychiatrist neither am I a psychology lover. It is a sheer coincidence that I am writing this. Actually I happen to receive a SMS some days back, the message was from one of my school friends and he asked how am I and all, as we continued to chat a revelation was put to forth…….that he is in a bad mood. So was I that day, due to some reasons, I even wished him same pinch uncanny isn’t.

I mean how many people would say same pinch for being in a bad mood but I was irrational enough to do that . Although, I did that just to cheer him up but as expected it did nothing good for him.
no body could have given it a thought however, very often we get to hear this ……“yaar aaj mood bahut kharab hai
Aaj mera mood off hai
But I fail to comprehend that apparently dispositions happens but where lies in our body the switch on button( of our mood), why the hell these emotions work on automated mechanisms.

Anyways coming back to the ever complicated question, I don’t really have an apt answer to this but yes it has happened with me, needless to say, it keeps happening to me.

Evidently, every time I am upset I quietly move in to a shell and consciously or unconsciously I form a cyst around me. That is a kind of barricade or a shield which does not permit other people to cross the threshold and if some one knocks at it they would either have to be disappointed or will be maltreated of course by my automated control system…not purposely but yes it happens.

Due to my cyst, I fail to realize that only because I am hurt, I tend to hurt everyone around me. Family is a big no no, they are not allowed in my cyst but my friends who often try knocking and extend a hand for support are thwarted by me.
It is achain reaction and has various SIDE EFFECTS
1. I am disturbed
2. I snubbed my friends and family members too, because I am upset.
3. Instead of sharing my pain I kept sulking, which in turn upsets them more, since they are unable to appease me

Its weird I know, probably unexplainable but I have made an attempt to explain it in my way. Till now whatever I have learnt from my experience of cyst formation and retreating in to shells. It only suggests me to vent out your emotions on the first hand.
this chain reaction, if followed with right blend of chemicals, helps in speedy recovery from our wretchedness

It would assuage you a bit, as the saying goes sharing can lessen your woes.
Essentially, your friend may not endow you with solutions, but you will certainly be calmed.

No reasons can be analyzed as to why we get upset or we get mood swings, fundamentally, it can be said that it is varied phenomenon and differs from individual to individual. We all go through mood swings at various stages of our lives and inadvertently ill-treat our closed ones. So this is a small piece of advice to all, time is a great healer but sharing( of grief) can do wonders and saves time tooo !!!!



Man made crises

It was yet another pleasant day with divine sunshine around. I was following my habituated routine. I had gone to college, conducted classes and came back to my domicile.
I was planning to take a quick nap when I heard my mom saying “you are supposed to accompany me in a meeting today, so hurry up. I could not say no to her. So I was hauled to a meeting by her. It was 15 minutes past six, when my phone rang and then it did not stop ringing, messages kept pouring in, and I was looking at them with my fingers numb and my face turned into deadpan with my eyes frozen to the inbox of my cell phone.
I was feeling feeble; I could not receive those calls since I was in middle of a meeting.
perhaps I could not seem to believe what I had just read in an sms….

5 sequential blasts struck the heart of capital. For a moment I was unresponsive to the world, swiftly and powerfully I was dragged back in to the world by the lady sitting besides me. She happens to be my mom. As soon as I recovered form my thought process I could see her panicking.
She raised an alarm in my ears (where else) with almost fading but yet in a very piercing tone
Where is your dad..??
With this question my heart sank ….and almost denied to hover back .at the moment when all my senses had stopped working, my mom expected me to be cognizant....
some how I managed to fight with the fear which had almost clutched me within. Some where inside me I had grasped that it’s not the right time for me to panic. I knew if I would lose my cool she will be too fidgety to handle then.

I wanted to screech at her for two reasons, firstly for shouting in my ear drums, then for asking me where is your dad…???????.
I wanted to ask her, mom he is your husband you should know where is he …..however I knew this was not the right time either to remind her about their wedding. I was literally multitasking that day ….to begin with I was constantly trying my dad’s cell. Secondly I was making futile attempts to make her (my mom) understand, that everything is going to be fine though It dint deem true to me as well.

Damn this phone …..Cellular phone, one of the vital inventions of man…..does not work when they are required the most. On the corollary the lady on the other side would uphold her one liner “the number you are trying to call is not reachable”

Beyond doubt it was a horrible day, networks were jammed, there was pin drop silence on the usually over crowded roads and markets, apparently because of the formidable explosions. Not even flora and fauna were seen, they too seem to have gauged the outcome of wandering on roads.........
In every five seconds my mom would ask me a series of questions to which indeed I had no answers “did your father pick up the phone?
What did he say?
Is he fine?
Albeit,I was grappling with words……i tried hard to assure her ..“His phone is not reachable mamma”, but I am trying incessantly to get hold of him you don’t worry. Nonetheless I could not follow my own words.
A feeling of anger, frustration and helplessness was gripping my senses amidst all the hustle bustle of the convention.

I excavated deep into my hand bag in search of some contact numbers in my diary but instead I found a long black wire (another great invention by man), those were head phones. The next moment I was listening to the news on radio. I could not believe what I had heard, 29 people dead and more than 100 people injured.

I mean I have been hearing about blasts every now and then. Our country is now well trained to tackle the anxiety created by these explosions. But this time I saw my neighborhood being blown off. I could not stop thinking about it……"what if I had been there or if anyone close to me had been there"…..this awful feeling had roughly detained me. That day I realized that I am afraid of death, Death of my loved ones, loss of my dear and near ones. Or should I put it like this, that I am afraid of a death which is ordained to us by some terror outfits.

Amidst all this my phone rang again …well well. Sigh of relief it was my dad on the line
He said he was fine besides, he did not even know that there had been blasts in the city, height of ignorance.

Days after the blasts .I have indeed overcome those feelings of frustration but to no avail could I get answers to my frustration and helplessness. How many restless days, impatient evenings and sleepless nights would we spend in fear of losing our beloved people?

Why are we being victimized? till when will we keep falling prey to a man made crisis?

I don’t know whom to lay blame on, shall I blame destiny, or I should put the blame on the terror outfits that have been butchering innocent people for no reason, or should I blame the security agencies, who have turned a blind eye towards these atrocious terrorists’ activities.

At a standstill I am looking for the answers even now………………………



We all are biological beings with compulsion and not by choice. this is the way we have been living since time immemorial.
Then why now, are we trying to change the biology of our foundation. why more and more people are inclining towards homosexuality? but this is simply a question about our personal choices to which i guess we have no answers nor can we raise any objections....
If Adam and Eve could have opted for a different orientation, I am pretty sure we would not have been here, indeed on this planet.
Personally speaking I just can’t stand it, I mean no offence to them I totally respect their individual choices. I raise objection when I think of legalizing homosexuality.
I know whether we legalize it or not, it is ubiquitous it has been there and will grow with time.

Recently our honorable health minister Mr. Ambumani Ramadoss affirmed that homosexuality in India should be legalized.
I was wondering is he still the heath minister and if he still is, are there less of health issues in India to be addressed that now he is venturing into a different field altogether of human rights. Or may be he is so concerned about India as a whole that he is over timing and over indulging in his job now.
Invariably, if he is entering a dissimilar field of work, has he weighed all the pros and cons of legalizing homosexuality? Why is he advocating it, and if he supports homosexuality,
Does he know the implications it’s going to have on an unprepared and naive society?
It would be as similar as talking about sentences and words without incepting the basics of language and alphabets in toddlers.

since, there are some unpreventable and inevitable factors attached to the legalising of homosexuality.
If in case homosexuality is officially authorized. What will be its ramifications?

What legacy are we leaving for our prospective generations? With the increasing trend of lesbians and gay culture I am doubtful if we will even have more generations.
Perhaps we have a solution to it. ADOPTION
Even, if homosexuals espouse children. What will they inculcate in them? How would be their upbringing? Who would play the well defined and well established roles of mother and father in this state of affairs?
What would these kids inherit in them? Would not they prefer to choose lesbianism and gay- ism as their first choices over biological compulsion? Would they be accepted in a haughty society like ours?
What if this entire fad catches up with new generation?
These are some of the far-fetched questions which turn my head round.
Legalize, not legalized liberated or prohibited, for the time being it will only obliterate our culture and society
The solitary solution to the treatment of homosexuality would be EDUCATION.
Masses should be educated about homosexuality.
This would help in generating acceptability for homosexuals.
Moreover, it will transform the mind set of people toward gays and lesbians.
Eventually, it would no longer be considered as a taboo.
Moreover, they would be equally respected in the society, to which originally they are entitled.

If possible it should be added in the curriculum of students.
All India awareness campaigns should be launched.
This will help people know about all the aspects of homosexuality. Whether it’s about their daily lives or may be health related issues.

Or there can be special sessions arranged for (educated as well as uneducated). This will help children and families to be receptive towards this new practice and will help them in making their personal choices.

Accordingly, I would like to request Mr. Ramadoss to compassionately stop preaching about homosexuality and relatively mull over all the facets of it. Efforts should be made to get approval for homosexuality but before that acceptability needs to be spawned, so that no voice is raised in remonstration. Consequently some good-work in the field is expected from health ministry along with education ministry and of course judiciary.
Without the unification of these three nothing can really be imparted to the anonymous masses.

wish u all the very best Mr ramadoss



Serial blasts are no more a new phenomenon. Quite possibly because they are here to stay and we have learnt to stay with them, doing nothing about it.

I sometimes wonder whether these terrorists are blessed with some magical powers that they are always in a state of disappearance. Nobody ever notices them. After every subsequent attack whoosh…..there go our attackers…vanished

Our vigilant security forces constantly fail to nab them. To the surprise of our intelligence agencies, the terror groups do not have any magic wands nor do they possess any super hero like qualities.
However, it appears that these extremists are ordinary human beings with extra ordinary brains unlike our sleuths.
Every time a terror attack is reported our sleuths rush to the place with their respective squads and they then wait for the terrorists’ organization to claim responsibility for the particular blasts.

This establishes that we are so slothful and feeble that we essentially believe a terrorist organization. This in turn drives them to graph and execute more such gruesome activities, since we have no counter strategy ever to face terror campaigns.
No probe is proficiently done. Each time sketches of the assailants are hovered across but to my disappointment no body is ever arrested or prosecuted except for a few (innocent) being pestered.

What lead to the unending recent sequential blasts? Or for that matter Jaipur blast in May or all those blasts which have been taking place since a long time now. Then why are our intelligence agencies still struggling hard to identify and recognize the prototype of these blasts. Why high alerts are declared only after an intimidating attack.

Terribly, Ahmedabad attack occurred under a high alert. Within a span of 35 minutes 17 blasts wobbled the city. Unfortunately the strike was so finely calculated that by the time sufferers could reach the hospital, medical centers were also smacked by blasts. Believe it or not, it is true

A bolt from the blue is that these attacks are usually pre- informed, security forces normally have bits and pieces of information with them. Our agencies and media organizations are generally clued-up about the strike via email, video clips, letters and phone calls. Etc. Nevertheless thanks to their absolute negligence and recklessness no follow-up is ever initiated in any terror attack.

ARE WE (the people of India) SAFE?
Terrifyingly, they (terrorists) are amongst us developing their dreadful plans here, besides giving shape to them. Are our security arrangements so laid back that they roam fearlessly and valiantly while making us insecure in our own realm.

Another imperative fact to this is, these terror out fits are no anonymous groups, in fact they are familiar groups, working under distinguished organizations like HUJI, SIMI, LeT ,( Indian mujahedeen) etc.

Another vital facet to this is that these terrorists are no deprived or under privileged class. Indeed they are well educated and are extremely professionals. They meticulously plan the bombings so as to inflict maximum damage

Further, it should be noted that on July 29Th, 18 live bombs were found from (diamond city) Ladeshwar area of Ahmedabad, shamefully four of them were planted within the range of 200 meters of Ladeshwar police station
Bombs are being fixed in all the crammed places like hospitals, market areas, police station, and temples. Eventually, No public quarter is untouched...
LPG Cylinders are being found in cars to maximize the collision of blasts. Apparently, impact has been massive.

It is relatively clear that at least 16 people are essentially required to blast 16 places, then 16 more to plan the attack, additional 16 to harbor the plan and extra 16 to plant the bombs and other 16 to finally implement the plan.
Consequently it can be stated that more than 100 people were engaged in the withering attacks. Now the question arises that police did not even find a single suspicious activity in the city where it was all planned.

While inhabitants of Gujarat and Bangalore are struggling hard to get back to normalcy some questions remain unanswered.

What do our security forces do when they receive information about any terror attack?

What measures till now have been taken by our intelligence agencies to counter terrorism?

How these bombs are planted in public areas? Do we have anything termed as patrolling?

Height of laxity is that bombs are being found outside police station. What were the police officials doing when the bombs were planted?

How can they carry out such massive attacks, devoid of being trapped even ones?

Our disunited political class is clueless in the face of terrorism. Recent blasts were the outcome of colossal intelligence malfunction at central and state levels. Our polit buro is forever entwined in party politics. Trust vote, MP trading, sethu samudram, Nuclear Deal these issues are secondary. Our primary concern is to counter terrorism When will these politicians wake up to the fact that
Their primary responsibility is to tackle national issues.

If I am not mistaken these successive blasts are not work of fiction. They are blowing up in every neighborhood giving sleepless nights to the AAM- AADMI. Then why are the authorities sleeping, why aren’t they waking up to alarming situation

Sadly, it is not their impudence which leads to these atrocious attacks but it is pure incompetence of our officials. Our security forces are employing no necessary steps to control terrorism
Authorities, wake up now, as this is neither a festive season of Diwali nor those explosions were merely reverberation of crackers. They were high intensity bombs designed to create panic and shatter the harmony of our country.



Brazen Act

In a yet another case, media hype has brought to public glare the reality of a case with all wrong or not proven facts. A teen-age girl is horrendously put to death and molested in her own house, appallingly this all happened when her parents were resting in the room next to hers and couldn’t hear anything. Until now we have had heard enough theories about how the crime could have happened with no substantiation what so ever.
I would like to thank some people in bringing about the break through in this most complicated case ever. Firstly I am grateful to media for behaving negligently and making this a VVip case. Time and again media has fragmented our society in different brackets. Murders occur on daily basis and needless to say in huge numbers..
So why those murders go unnoticed? Why those cases does not get media and hence public attention.
Why only few cases are made high profile and are then blown up out of proportion.
In this case also a prestigious family of talwars was falsely implicated.
They were subjected to the entire disregard right after their 13-year-old daughter was put to death. They were given no time to grieve, no private moment to the family was given to mourn over. Throughout, camera and mikes were fastened on to them.
Media illustrated all the extraneous and unnecessary details about a teenager without any verification of essentials of the whole story.
A girl who is no more with us to defend her is being subject to mockery, the only man who could shield her was also sent to confinement.

In Arushi murder case media (our so called dependable fourth pillar) went beyond their ethics and principles to excavate deep into the case and left no stone unturned to gather TRP’s. It is only because of media that police and CBI was strained to reach finale of an astounding 1hour episodes without enough evidence.

Then I would like to humbly thank our diligent UP police for wrapping up the entire case within days, also for providing misleading stories throughout. Up police tried hard to join the loose strings of the complex case but to no avail they could uncover anything. Seeking immediate relief of pressure mounted by media, our UP Police came out with an unbelievable theory:

1. Aruhsi was killed by Rajesh Talwar.
2. Arushi allegedly had an affair with their domestic help Hemraj
3. Rajesh’s allegedly had an affair with his colleague Anita Durani.
These are some answers given as to how it happened now comes the startling why.
4. Dr. Talwar on the day of murder found her daughter in objectionable and not compromising position with Hemraj.
These are progression of unproven details provided by UP police.

Instantaneously after this RaJesh Talwar was detained and was sent to prison.
Media yet again taking the limelight discussed this case with extra masala to embellish the story for well-known TRP game. Rapidly the over glorified Arushi murder case reached the gossipmongers of the society. It was discussed in break fast and dinner tables of people, all credit goes to one and only media.
Surprisingly our responsible police had no evidence at all to establish their take excluding a few forged stories.

Alas the matter was escalated to CBI. This instilled hopes in Talwars to get fair dealing in hands of CBI. After series of Narco analysis test CBI akin to UP police gave a hypothesis of the entire incident. Certainly CBI’s version of the story brought about a sigh of relief for the Talwar’s but also fetched sleepless nights for the relatives of Krishna, vijay and Rajkumar.

CBI On July 11th unveiled, That Arushi was not killed by her father instead three people were involved in the heinous crime, and accused Vijay Mandal, Raj kumar, Krishna for the crime, again with no substantive evidence to support their argument..
Indeed CBI made the same mistake, as did the UP police.

Sadly, CBI too have no proof to attest their story in the court as it is known to them that results of Narco tests hold no importance in the court and are not even admissible in the court. On the grounds of these tests they cannot prove the suspects to be guilty
Then why are they still in the custody? Here comes the preconceived notion of a prejudiced society. Till the time Dr. Rajesh was in confinement the matter was blown out of proportion but since the time these three are detained nobody raised their voice in disapproval. Ever since CBI has recited their account of the whole episode neither the media nor the police and CBI has come up with a follow up on the same. Some questions still remain unanswered

Why CBI did not release Rajesh on the day they took charge of case in their hands, knowing that they pocked no proof against Dr. Talwar?

Why couldn’t Talwars’ hear anything while Arushi was being killed, why could not they feel the existence of four people in the room next to them were they so dead to the world?

Is it possible that no body saw Rajkumar and Krishna on they terrace while they were killing hemraj?

Why did Krishna kept Hemraj’s mobile with him?

Unfortunately, CBI and police both failed to answer these questions.
Also in this entire episode the media, police and CBI crossed their limits and disregarded the fact that they have no right to tarnish the image of a family and bring disrepute to them until they have enough facts to prove.

The story does not end here it stretches far beyond any body’s imagination. It is not only about Arushi it is about all those who are being killed in anonymity, it is about all whose souls are being slaughtered by society and media.

It can only be expected that media will now work more maturely and sensibly. Media also endures a social responsibility towards society. It is now CBI’s duty to commence investigation ones again in a transparent manner.

Today let us all pray for Arushi and her family from our heart. May god give her family the strength to over come the suffering they have gone through, and may Arushi’s soul rest in peace.


No cheers for cheer girls !

Why cheer leaders are being dragged in the moral debates I mean are they doing anything immoral .are we falling short of the masala of our daily doze, that now we have come up to an extent of comparing cheer leaders with bar girls.
Have they even been watching your Bollywood stars of late? rotating away in skimpy nothings, and this isn't just the movies, but the shows, on TV... it's everywhere... we're encouraging kids to emulate them too, after all. It's nothing new at all. But oh it's fine, they're good desi girls, and they won't give any bad impression, so they're not the issue. Is that it?
What do cheer leaders wear? Is it the issue we are worried about? Not actually Cheer leaders are out there doing their job - entertaining you, the audience, boosting the morale motivating our young boys who have recently ventured in to a new avatar of a novel cricket altogether.
It is quite ironic I must say…we claim to be in 21 century and adopting all the modern ways of living. Where does all this modernization goes when it comes to women? Be it sania mirza playing tennis or be it cheer leaders there is still stigma attached to it.
Lets decide today what do want…i guess we want sania to play tennis in a elegantly draped sari as it would suit that occasion isn’t? Or do we want our cheer leaders to be in a burqua and then cheer the team to win…. it would be apt for the event right!
What is the job of cheerleaders. …They have to be attractive. As at the end of the day its all tied up to the popularity, being on display, being attractive and well yes…. are they there to titillate ….well that’s a open debate.
But what they're NOT there to do, and for that my heart does go out to all these phirang ladies in short tops and skirts, they're not there to put up with what we're calling "lewd comments"... another massive and insulting understatement, much like "eve-teasing". . And on the top of it our lovely Indian men found a new way to pester not even desi but firangi girls also.
You know ..You would understand what am I talking about if you ever walk on the streets of Delhi or for the matter of fact in any big cities. For facing this trauma all u need to do is travel through a public transport
But what can we expect from a society where authorities are so sensitive over sex education being imparted to our young lot. I think a lot of Re-education needs to be done before addressing these issues..
So it's not really about just saving the cheerleaders, you know, I mean at the end of the day, they're going to pack up and go home. lets give our country a real reason to cheer over instead stretching the issue to a dead end
To conclude I would like to say to all the men out there to try and make their perspective of looking at things wider