We’ll meet and share moments together
Moments, that we promised, will last a lifetime
A lifetime may not be enough, you said
To express the love that’s all mine

We’ll sit for hours, staring at each other…
And not say a word
We’ll just lie there, and enjoy the silence
 And let the stars say the story untold

We’ll be together, happy as ever
The madness will always be there
Your touch will always be as special,
And we’ll live life with reasons to cheer

All this and more… we promised to each other
We promised… separation- will happen never
Guess the stars have played their part
And distances have done us apart

We know, all’s not well
Not that we didn’t try… gave it many a chance
We simply, aren’t the way- for what we strived
But that’s all right, till the day we realized
We don’t speak the way we used to…
And neither do the stars

Still, I’d like to believe… all’s not lost.
That touch, that’s no longer with me…
I’ll try to revisit, holding my own hand
That love, which is fading away…
I’ll rekindle, with even more love and warmth
The fire, that once raged; The spark, we thought we had
I’ll reignite
The bleakness that’s abound; The darkness, that’s gripping us…
I’ll bring light

And I’ll do this all,
I’ll do even more…
To make sure
You are always mine

Then again, the stars may never speak up,
And we may never get off to a new start
But I’ll never fail to try harder
Till distances, really do us apart

It has began, I wish it never ends
The all new moments of love and trust

It never ends, I wish it never does
These last few moments of doubt and trust…

No more it matters if I win...
And it doesn’t matter if I win a lil less
It is meant to be broken, destined for an end
I see it going…was never mine
It never goes, I wish it never does
The last few moments of doubt and trust…

No more it matters if I will miss it
And it doesn’t matter if I ll miss it a lil more
Yesterday has disappeared, tomorrow will too..
I see this day fading away soon
It never fades, I wish it never does..
The last few moments of doubt and trust…

The dawn is elusive, the dusk is too
A Fathomless abyss between me and you
Where the doubt is charming, and the trust is too!

My Unheard plea

My Unheard plea

I want to live in a house by the sea,
With whose white spray my spirit could flee

Or may be I would prefer a house on a giant tree,
With whose red blossoms my heart could go free

A castle in the wilderness it might as well be,
In whose hidden passages my lost spirit I could see

Or may be my destiny is a quite plantation of tea,
In whose green bosom could be the answer to my unheard plea

I hear a soft tap at my door step, and I ask myself who would it be,
Would it be a heavenly breeze or an exasperating bee

I guess I will prefer to be in a wild spree,
Where I can breach all the ordained decree

Apparently, what a peaceful and tranquil place its gonna be,
With the solemn shades of swiftly moving trees


Mighty Media !!!

Each one of us killed Jessica!!!

Truly a great movie and beyond doubt a worthy subject to be portrayed on celluloid. Hats off to the directors, producers and the script writers for initiating such idea and implementing it further.

However I beg to slightly differ from them. Jessica is unquestionably another slap on the face of Indian judiciary who has yet again because of its laxity & slackness failed to give justice to a family who for years had been waiting for a fair judgment.

Conversely what did they get, trials trials & some more trials for 11 years altogether.

When in year 2006, media actually made a scoop out of this yet so attention deserving case, I also started following it recurrently. Obviously, by now it was an anecdote with all human touch attached to it, and hence gave media all the reasons to cover it to the dead ends…. Unfortunately in this open and shut case as rightly quoted in the movie “no one killed Jessica” and I very firmly believe all of us did kill her even after her dreadful death, all the 300 culprits got away with it.

Yes I somberly would declare all those 300 paranoids who despite witnessing a slaughter did not had the fortitude to speak against the perpetrators of the murder. Although I know my verdict does not matter, I know my voice no more can be heard, I know my opinion needs valid judgments & evidences to bolster the case nevertheless, I don’t have any of these above. If I have something, that would be a belief, a very honest & stern belief that Jessica was shot dead , only because she refused giving a drink to yet another bunch of drunken lads.

In The movie NO ONE KILLED JESSICA the director had to offer one perspective of the movie to put forth the frightening truth on to the silver screen. Apparently, prior to the casting the film shows a disclaimer that “this is an amalgamation of events in real & fiction and hence is no documentary” still I believe, positioning every thing to the disposal of media in the film was a wrong act. Undeniably the effort put in to bring the case from void to life is an outrageous task by Rajkumar Gupta.

Nonetheless, how far is it right to show case that only because a journalist just returned from the fame of covering terrible Kargil war did not find this story worthy enough to be covered and hence discards it with a verdict that a highjacking case is more significant than a girl killed in Delhi at wee hours. It took that well acclaimed journalist 6 years to understand the importance of the story , to understand the importance of chasing the minute details of the story , to understand the if media gives leverage to the case Lall Family (Sabrina) might get justice , since her appeals were going unheard. Very soon after six diminutive years the correspondent of distinction realized that this case demands her attention too.

It was year 2006, when Manu Sharma along with his accomplices in the crime sentenced to a punishment of life imprisonment and 4 years imprisonment for the others subsequently.

Incidentally, nothing happened to Shayan Munshi the eye witness to the event who for 7 long years continued & preferred to be hostile. Contrary to the judgment, nobody could touch those 300 cowards who time and again made mockery of the Indian judicial system.

Our judicial system is so strong that even after you have a list of 300 eye witnesses, you can get away with a murder for 11 long years. Our robust public administration can be tweaked and twisted with monetary inducement for almost anything. Then it can be a Jessica at stake of justice or a Arushi at the bet of UP police, trials.

We very agreeably on the grounds of lack of evidences would transfer the case from police supervision to CBI command. Post which CBI gets another 2 years to sleep over the case and gather evidences which they would never get hold off. During this time the Judiciary the law makers the Lawyers, very often the law manipulators, our own Politicians and always the law breakers and the influentials would play with the case. Bribing & threatening of witnesses and before I forget we the spectators the TRP MAKERS would very satisfactorily enjoy the story being ripped apart over our breakfast and dinner tables. We would certainly give story its due importance, we will fail nowhere in our duty to mention about the updates of the case to all members of our social circle and feel proud about being updated.

I believe that each one of us has killed Jessica all over again in our own right. The corrupt investigating authorities, the tainted ministers, sloppy judiciary, dawdling media.