We all are biological beings with compulsion and not by choice. this is the way we have been living since time immemorial.
Then why now, are we trying to change the biology of our foundation. why more and more people are inclining towards homosexuality? but this is simply a question about our personal choices to which i guess we have no answers nor can we raise any objections....
If Adam and Eve could have opted for a different orientation, I am pretty sure we would not have been here, indeed on this planet.
Personally speaking I just can’t stand it, I mean no offence to them I totally respect their individual choices. I raise objection when I think of legalizing homosexuality.
I know whether we legalize it or not, it is ubiquitous it has been there and will grow with time.

Recently our honorable health minister Mr. Ambumani Ramadoss affirmed that homosexuality in India should be legalized.
I was wondering is he still the heath minister and if he still is, are there less of health issues in India to be addressed that now he is venturing into a different field altogether of human rights. Or may be he is so concerned about India as a whole that he is over timing and over indulging in his job now.
Invariably, if he is entering a dissimilar field of work, has he weighed all the pros and cons of legalizing homosexuality? Why is he advocating it, and if he supports homosexuality,
Does he know the implications it’s going to have on an unprepared and naive society?
It would be as similar as talking about sentences and words without incepting the basics of language and alphabets in toddlers.

since, there are some unpreventable and inevitable factors attached to the legalising of homosexuality.
If in case homosexuality is officially authorized. What will be its ramifications?

What legacy are we leaving for our prospective generations? With the increasing trend of lesbians and gay culture I am doubtful if we will even have more generations.
Perhaps we have a solution to it. ADOPTION
Even, if homosexuals espouse children. What will they inculcate in them? How would be their upbringing? Who would play the well defined and well established roles of mother and father in this state of affairs?
What would these kids inherit in them? Would not they prefer to choose lesbianism and gay- ism as their first choices over biological compulsion? Would they be accepted in a haughty society like ours?
What if this entire fad catches up with new generation?
These are some of the far-fetched questions which turn my head round.
Legalize, not legalized liberated or prohibited, for the time being it will only obliterate our culture and society
The solitary solution to the treatment of homosexuality would be EDUCATION.
Masses should be educated about homosexuality.
This would help in generating acceptability for homosexuals.
Moreover, it will transform the mind set of people toward gays and lesbians.
Eventually, it would no longer be considered as a taboo.
Moreover, they would be equally respected in the society, to which originally they are entitled.

If possible it should be added in the curriculum of students.
All India awareness campaigns should be launched.
This will help people know about all the aspects of homosexuality. Whether it’s about their daily lives or may be health related issues.

Or there can be special sessions arranged for (educated as well as uneducated). This will help children and families to be receptive towards this new practice and will help them in making their personal choices.

Accordingly, I would like to request Mr. Ramadoss to compassionately stop preaching about homosexuality and relatively mull over all the facets of it. Efforts should be made to get approval for homosexuality but before that acceptability needs to be spawned, so that no voice is raised in remonstration. Consequently some good-work in the field is expected from health ministry along with education ministry and of course judiciary.
Without the unification of these three nothing can really be imparted to the anonymous masses.

wish u all the very best Mr ramadoss



Serial blasts are no more a new phenomenon. Quite possibly because they are here to stay and we have learnt to stay with them, doing nothing about it.

I sometimes wonder whether these terrorists are blessed with some magical powers that they are always in a state of disappearance. Nobody ever notices them. After every subsequent attack whoosh…..there go our attackers…vanished

Our vigilant security forces constantly fail to nab them. To the surprise of our intelligence agencies, the terror groups do not have any magic wands nor do they possess any super hero like qualities.
However, it appears that these extremists are ordinary human beings with extra ordinary brains unlike our sleuths.
Every time a terror attack is reported our sleuths rush to the place with their respective squads and they then wait for the terrorists’ organization to claim responsibility for the particular blasts.

This establishes that we are so slothful and feeble that we essentially believe a terrorist organization. This in turn drives them to graph and execute more such gruesome activities, since we have no counter strategy ever to face terror campaigns.
No probe is proficiently done. Each time sketches of the assailants are hovered across but to my disappointment no body is ever arrested or prosecuted except for a few (innocent) being pestered.

What lead to the unending recent sequential blasts? Or for that matter Jaipur blast in May or all those blasts which have been taking place since a long time now. Then why are our intelligence agencies still struggling hard to identify and recognize the prototype of these blasts. Why high alerts are declared only after an intimidating attack.

Terribly, Ahmedabad attack occurred under a high alert. Within a span of 35 minutes 17 blasts wobbled the city. Unfortunately the strike was so finely calculated that by the time sufferers could reach the hospital, medical centers were also smacked by blasts. Believe it or not, it is true

A bolt from the blue is that these attacks are usually pre- informed, security forces normally have bits and pieces of information with them. Our agencies and media organizations are generally clued-up about the strike via email, video clips, letters and phone calls. Etc. Nevertheless thanks to their absolute negligence and recklessness no follow-up is ever initiated in any terror attack.

ARE WE (the people of India) SAFE?
Terrifyingly, they (terrorists) are amongst us developing their dreadful plans here, besides giving shape to them. Are our security arrangements so laid back that they roam fearlessly and valiantly while making us insecure in our own realm.

Another imperative fact to this is, these terror out fits are no anonymous groups, in fact they are familiar groups, working under distinguished organizations like HUJI, SIMI, LeT ,( Indian mujahedeen) etc.

Another vital facet to this is that these terrorists are no deprived or under privileged class. Indeed they are well educated and are extremely professionals. They meticulously plan the bombings so as to inflict maximum damage

Further, it should be noted that on July 29Th, 18 live bombs were found from (diamond city) Ladeshwar area of Ahmedabad, shamefully four of them were planted within the range of 200 meters of Ladeshwar police station
Bombs are being fixed in all the crammed places like hospitals, market areas, police station, and temples. Eventually, No public quarter is untouched...
LPG Cylinders are being found in cars to maximize the collision of blasts. Apparently, impact has been massive.

It is relatively clear that at least 16 people are essentially required to blast 16 places, then 16 more to plan the attack, additional 16 to harbor the plan and extra 16 to plant the bombs and other 16 to finally implement the plan.
Consequently it can be stated that more than 100 people were engaged in the withering attacks. Now the question arises that police did not even find a single suspicious activity in the city where it was all planned.

While inhabitants of Gujarat and Bangalore are struggling hard to get back to normalcy some questions remain unanswered.

What do our security forces do when they receive information about any terror attack?

What measures till now have been taken by our intelligence agencies to counter terrorism?

How these bombs are planted in public areas? Do we have anything termed as patrolling?

Height of laxity is that bombs are being found outside police station. What were the police officials doing when the bombs were planted?

How can they carry out such massive attacks, devoid of being trapped even ones?

Our disunited political class is clueless in the face of terrorism. Recent blasts were the outcome of colossal intelligence malfunction at central and state levels. Our polit buro is forever entwined in party politics. Trust vote, MP trading, sethu samudram, Nuclear Deal these issues are secondary. Our primary concern is to counter terrorism When will these politicians wake up to the fact that
Their primary responsibility is to tackle national issues.

If I am not mistaken these successive blasts are not work of fiction. They are blowing up in every neighborhood giving sleepless nights to the AAM- AADMI. Then why are the authorities sleeping, why aren’t they waking up to alarming situation

Sadly, it is not their impudence which leads to these atrocious attacks but it is pure incompetence of our officials. Our security forces are employing no necessary steps to control terrorism
Authorities, wake up now, as this is neither a festive season of Diwali nor those explosions were merely reverberation of crackers. They were high intensity bombs designed to create panic and shatter the harmony of our country.