I resolute to change……..

Overwrought Silence is the word for today
Regardless of tomorrow and yesterday

Standing in oblivion for future
Vulnerably, watching our world rupture

Engrossed in the pain and sorrow
Gone astray, expectancy of better a tomorrow

Indecisive, though about this inkling
On tenterhooks for a new dawn in offing

Vaguely, hopes would not be random
Only if we all concur to work in tandem

Phony hopes should not be infested
Until the obligatory gaffes are corrected

I hope I expect and I wish are prospective expressions
Right ain’t the attitude is my impression

Shifting civilization would not unravel the problem
A genuine attempt is needed to address all of them

The question arises, who would step in
I request volunteer, since it comes from with in

Lets all of us now, promise it to our personage
Before preaching, solitary I would be the first one to change

2 टिप्‍पणियां:

Zubin ने कहा…

thats the fact of life..

the resolution to change..."it comes from withing"

nicely written...the pain can be felt through the words.. :)

how have you been..?

samta ने कहा…

oh boy!! my pinki hs come a long way.... well written dear...