Brazen Act

In a yet another case, media hype has brought to public glare the reality of a case with all wrong or not proven facts. A teen-age girl is horrendously put to death and molested in her own house, appallingly this all happened when her parents were resting in the room next to hers and couldn’t hear anything. Until now we have had heard enough theories about how the crime could have happened with no substantiation what so ever.
I would like to thank some people in bringing about the break through in this most complicated case ever. Firstly I am grateful to media for behaving negligently and making this a VVip case. Time and again media has fragmented our society in different brackets. Murders occur on daily basis and needless to say in huge numbers..
So why those murders go unnoticed? Why those cases does not get media and hence public attention.
Why only few cases are made high profile and are then blown up out of proportion.
In this case also a prestigious family of talwars was falsely implicated.
They were subjected to the entire disregard right after their 13-year-old daughter was put to death. They were given no time to grieve, no private moment to the family was given to mourn over. Throughout, camera and mikes were fastened on to them.
Media illustrated all the extraneous and unnecessary details about a teenager without any verification of essentials of the whole story.
A girl who is no more with us to defend her is being subject to mockery, the only man who could shield her was also sent to confinement.

In Arushi murder case media (our so called dependable fourth pillar) went beyond their ethics and principles to excavate deep into the case and left no stone unturned to gather TRP’s. It is only because of media that police and CBI was strained to reach finale of an astounding 1hour episodes without enough evidence.

Then I would like to humbly thank our diligent UP police for wrapping up the entire case within days, also for providing misleading stories throughout. Up police tried hard to join the loose strings of the complex case but to no avail they could uncover anything. Seeking immediate relief of pressure mounted by media, our UP Police came out with an unbelievable theory:

1. Aruhsi was killed by Rajesh Talwar.
2. Arushi allegedly had an affair with their domestic help Hemraj
3. Rajesh’s allegedly had an affair with his colleague Anita Durani.
These are some answers given as to how it happened now comes the startling why.
4. Dr. Talwar on the day of murder found her daughter in objectionable and not compromising position with Hemraj.
These are progression of unproven details provided by UP police.

Instantaneously after this RaJesh Talwar was detained and was sent to prison.
Media yet again taking the limelight discussed this case with extra masala to embellish the story for well-known TRP game. Rapidly the over glorified Arushi murder case reached the gossipmongers of the society. It was discussed in break fast and dinner tables of people, all credit goes to one and only media.
Surprisingly our responsible police had no evidence at all to establish their take excluding a few forged stories.

Alas the matter was escalated to CBI. This instilled hopes in Talwars to get fair dealing in hands of CBI. After series of Narco analysis test CBI akin to UP police gave a hypothesis of the entire incident. Certainly CBI’s version of the story brought about a sigh of relief for the Talwar’s but also fetched sleepless nights for the relatives of Krishna, vijay and Rajkumar.

CBI On July 11th unveiled, That Arushi was not killed by her father instead three people were involved in the heinous crime, and accused Vijay Mandal, Raj kumar, Krishna for the crime, again with no substantive evidence to support their argument..
Indeed CBI made the same mistake, as did the UP police.

Sadly, CBI too have no proof to attest their story in the court as it is known to them that results of Narco tests hold no importance in the court and are not even admissible in the court. On the grounds of these tests they cannot prove the suspects to be guilty
Then why are they still in the custody? Here comes the preconceived notion of a prejudiced society. Till the time Dr. Rajesh was in confinement the matter was blown out of proportion but since the time these three are detained nobody raised their voice in disapproval. Ever since CBI has recited their account of the whole episode neither the media nor the police and CBI has come up with a follow up on the same. Some questions still remain unanswered

Why CBI did not release Rajesh on the day they took charge of case in their hands, knowing that they pocked no proof against Dr. Talwar?

Why couldn’t Talwars’ hear anything while Arushi was being killed, why could not they feel the existence of four people in the room next to them were they so dead to the world?

Is it possible that no body saw Rajkumar and Krishna on they terrace while they were killing hemraj?

Why did Krishna kept Hemraj’s mobile with him?

Unfortunately, CBI and police both failed to answer these questions.
Also in this entire episode the media, police and CBI crossed their limits and disregarded the fact that they have no right to tarnish the image of a family and bring disrepute to them until they have enough facts to prove.

The story does not end here it stretches far beyond any body’s imagination. It is not only about Arushi it is about all those who are being killed in anonymity, it is about all whose souls are being slaughtered by society and media.

It can only be expected that media will now work more maturely and sensibly. Media also endures a social responsibility towards society. It is now CBI’s duty to commence investigation ones again in a transparent manner.

Today let us all pray for Arushi and her family from our heart. May god give her family the strength to over come the suffering they have gone through, and may Arushi’s soul rest in peace.

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theglobalindian ने कहा…

Good comment. Fundamentally, media should report the arguments of all parties involved, pro or anti Talwars. And should NOT take its own stand on such issues, which are NOT clear and evident, to be determined by a scientific investigation, which any medium is incapable to do technically. On issues of values, policies, etc, media SURELY can take stands, and NOT on such issues. Remember the Uma Malhotra sting operation case where a teacher was devastated by a misguided media blitzkrieg?