The chronicle of doldrums

Why do people get upset? Why is that whenever we are dejected and discontented we choose not to communicate, although we still express it involuntarily without being aware of it. Nevertheless we pass on the message silently through our body language and our gesticulations. Remember KATTI….of our childhood days.
Where KATTI….. KATTI……. KATTI , when whispered three times signifies that this was a severe brawl and hence, no communication will take place from now on come what may.
Well I could never figure out answers to these questions but they still keep popping up in ma mind like stubborn frogs.

Well well, I am no psychiatrist neither am I a psychology lover. It is a sheer coincidence that I am writing this. Actually I happen to receive a SMS some days back, the message was from one of my school friends and he asked how am I and all, as we continued to chat a revelation was put to forth…….that he is in a bad mood. So was I that day, due to some reasons, I even wished him same pinch uncanny isn’t.

I mean how many people would say same pinch for being in a bad mood but I was irrational enough to do that . Although, I did that just to cheer him up but as expected it did nothing good for him.
no body could have given it a thought however, very often we get to hear this ……“yaar aaj mood bahut kharab hai
Aaj mera mood off hai
But I fail to comprehend that apparently dispositions happens but where lies in our body the switch on button( of our mood), why the hell these emotions work on automated mechanisms.

Anyways coming back to the ever complicated question, I don’t really have an apt answer to this but yes it has happened with me, needless to say, it keeps happening to me.

Evidently, every time I am upset I quietly move in to a shell and consciously or unconsciously I form a cyst around me. That is a kind of barricade or a shield which does not permit other people to cross the threshold and if some one knocks at it they would either have to be disappointed or will be maltreated of course by my automated control system…not purposely but yes it happens.

Due to my cyst, I fail to realize that only because I am hurt, I tend to hurt everyone around me. Family is a big no no, they are not allowed in my cyst but my friends who often try knocking and extend a hand for support are thwarted by me.
It is achain reaction and has various SIDE EFFECTS
1. I am disturbed
2. I snubbed my friends and family members too, because I am upset.
3. Instead of sharing my pain I kept sulking, which in turn upsets them more, since they are unable to appease me

Its weird I know, probably unexplainable but I have made an attempt to explain it in my way. Till now whatever I have learnt from my experience of cyst formation and retreating in to shells. It only suggests me to vent out your emotions on the first hand.
this chain reaction, if followed with right blend of chemicals, helps in speedy recovery from our wretchedness

It would assuage you a bit, as the saying goes sharing can lessen your woes.
Essentially, your friend may not endow you with solutions, but you will certainly be calmed.

No reasons can be analyzed as to why we get upset or we get mood swings, fundamentally, it can be said that it is varied phenomenon and differs from individual to individual. We all go through mood swings at various stages of our lives and inadvertently ill-treat our closed ones. So this is a small piece of advice to all, time is a great healer but sharing( of grief) can do wonders and saves time tooo !!!!

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Zubin ने कहा…

Very nice post..
It happens to everyone I guess, but everyone has different ways to handle such situations..Yes you are right about sharing...but its not always possible. Sometimes there is nobody caring enough to listen up to your problems and sometimes you just don't want to share your pain with some specific set of people to guard them from the pain they may feel in turn.(being attached to you)..

So sometimes you have only YOURSELF to take care of yourself. The more we handle things ourselves, the better we become at it. :)

and LOL at KATTI KATTI KATTI...!!! :p

P.S: Check out my latest post..It has pretty similar tones to yours.. :)

srijith ने कहा…

thank god for the bad times, cause they make us think..
Isn't that what we humans are meant to do?

Priyanka Ahuja ने कहा…

i know we all should acknowlede our bad times because we leran from them.....
and i agree wid u that we humans are meant to think but we are meant to think good and positive...
i dont know whether u are anware of this phenonmenon or not but let me tell u......
it is a basic human tendencey that whatever we think more off..we tend to attract that n unfortunately these days ppl attract troubles because they think of their bad times all the time.........
so think good and in order to think good vent out ur feeling of anguish....which will further pave the path of good to come ur way

Priyanka Ahuja ने कहा…

thanks zubin .....
i know it is not always possible to share .....still an effort can be made to soothe the feelings of anguish .....
and for that u have to have someone around u....to take crae of u, to endow u wid support, to bestow u wid love...
handling things alone and being alone are two entirely different concepts
we should not forget that man is a social animal n we cannot live in isolation come wat may ....

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