Man made crises

It was yet another pleasant day with divine sunshine around. I was following my habituated routine. I had gone to college, conducted classes and came back to my domicile.
I was planning to take a quick nap when I heard my mom saying “you are supposed to accompany me in a meeting today, so hurry up. I could not say no to her. So I was hauled to a meeting by her. It was 15 minutes past six, when my phone rang and then it did not stop ringing, messages kept pouring in, and I was looking at them with my fingers numb and my face turned into deadpan with my eyes frozen to the inbox of my cell phone.
I was feeling feeble; I could not receive those calls since I was in middle of a meeting.
perhaps I could not seem to believe what I had just read in an sms….

5 sequential blasts struck the heart of capital. For a moment I was unresponsive to the world, swiftly and powerfully I was dragged back in to the world by the lady sitting besides me. She happens to be my mom. As soon as I recovered form my thought process I could see her panicking.
She raised an alarm in my ears (where else) with almost fading but yet in a very piercing tone
Where is your dad..??
With this question my heart sank ….and almost denied to hover back .at the moment when all my senses had stopped working, my mom expected me to be cognizant....
some how I managed to fight with the fear which had almost clutched me within. Some where inside me I had grasped that it’s not the right time for me to panic. I knew if I would lose my cool she will be too fidgety to handle then.

I wanted to screech at her for two reasons, firstly for shouting in my ear drums, then for asking me where is your dad…???????.
I wanted to ask her, mom he is your husband you should know where is he …..however I knew this was not the right time either to remind her about their wedding. I was literally multitasking that day ….to begin with I was constantly trying my dad’s cell. Secondly I was making futile attempts to make her (my mom) understand, that everything is going to be fine though It dint deem true to me as well.

Damn this phone …..Cellular phone, one of the vital inventions of man…..does not work when they are required the most. On the corollary the lady on the other side would uphold her one liner “the number you are trying to call is not reachable”

Beyond doubt it was a horrible day, networks were jammed, there was pin drop silence on the usually over crowded roads and markets, apparently because of the formidable explosions. Not even flora and fauna were seen, they too seem to have gauged the outcome of wandering on roads.........
In every five seconds my mom would ask me a series of questions to which indeed I had no answers “did your father pick up the phone?
What did he say?
Is he fine?
Albeit,I was grappling with words……i tried hard to assure her ..“His phone is not reachable mamma”, but I am trying incessantly to get hold of him you don’t worry. Nonetheless I could not follow my own words.
A feeling of anger, frustration and helplessness was gripping my senses amidst all the hustle bustle of the convention.

I excavated deep into my hand bag in search of some contact numbers in my diary but instead I found a long black wire (another great invention by man), those were head phones. The next moment I was listening to the news on radio. I could not believe what I had heard, 29 people dead and more than 100 people injured.

I mean I have been hearing about blasts every now and then. Our country is now well trained to tackle the anxiety created by these explosions. But this time I saw my neighborhood being blown off. I could not stop thinking about it……"what if I had been there or if anyone close to me had been there"…..this awful feeling had roughly detained me. That day I realized that I am afraid of death, Death of my loved ones, loss of my dear and near ones. Or should I put it like this, that I am afraid of a death which is ordained to us by some terror outfits.

Amidst all this my phone rang again …well well. Sigh of relief it was my dad on the line
He said he was fine besides, he did not even know that there had been blasts in the city, height of ignorance.

Days after the blasts .I have indeed overcome those feelings of frustration but to no avail could I get answers to my frustration and helplessness. How many restless days, impatient evenings and sleepless nights would we spend in fear of losing our beloved people?

Why are we being victimized? till when will we keep falling prey to a man made crisis?

I don’t know whom to lay blame on, shall I blame destiny, or I should put the blame on the terror outfits that have been butchering innocent people for no reason, or should I blame the security agencies, who have turned a blind eye towards these atrocious terrorists’ activities.

At a standstill I am looking for the answers even now………………………

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naveda ने कहा…

well written priyanka. i'm quite impressed with your literary.
keep it going girl!!

forgot to ask...whr do u work?

Priyanka Ahuja ने कहा…

really u liked it ????
thanks a tonne yaar
waise m working with ISBM noida
as amedia faculty...
aur bata how hv u been....n hows work

ankur ने कहा…

gud work yaar...ur vocab is awesome ... :)

Priyanka Ahuja ने कहा…

thanks a lot ankur ....

srijith ने कहा…

good job.. never knew u could write so well. I should've expected it coming from a journalist.. dexcriptions were quiet graphic.. looking fwd to more blogs

Priyanka Ahuja ने कहा…

thanks sri ...i hope i can call u by that name,,,,i have seen most ppl doin that now...
just to remind u ...we never made an attempt to know each other well...so how would u expect ...vice versa...
but i must say ..i really liked ur writing style..
n m in love with the topis u write on...
keep up the good work

samta ने कहा…

amazing priyanka....u captured a common man's feeling n anguish so well.. proud of u :)

Priyanka Ahuja ने कहा…

thanks a lot for appreciating
only u could have given this comment ....:)