I too Wanted to Become a Social Media Don!!!

I wasn’t really exposed to the power of social media until I started working for an  organisation that lived its life on social media by means of internet marketing, banner  adverts, online email marketing, retargeting campaigns et al. I was also unaware about a  lot of these terms till I started working for them. However, within a month of my tenure in the company I realised how important it was for me to get upto speed with these new and contemporary marketing tools. Prior to joining this online education company, all my 6 years of experience was in mainstream education, which wasn’t bad either, the journey was enriching as I recall it.
Social-Media-2014Nevertheless, I realised how much online media has grown in such a short span of time with my new workplace.  So with some amount of hesitation and eagerness to learn, I started to observe a colleague of mine whose core area of function was online marketing, handling Google Analytics, Email Marketing, analysing Click Rates and Open Rates, choosing which part of the county’s audience would one like to target for the campaigns. Yes, we are talking about this level of targeting and segregation.  I wasn’t with this company for long, but it was indeed training ground for me and thus, armed with this set of skills and experience, I joined the team at Adianta School.
Adianta School is a new age skill building institute for entrepreneurship and leadership education. At the school, I had the opportunity to attend  various skill building workshops that the school arranges for their fellows(students). Come August, I was lucky to be part of series of curriculum redesigning and brainstorming sessions.  Aditya Dev Sood, Chairman, Adianta School, suggested that we cluster the curriculum this time around and thus came the suggestion of the five segments that it currently is divided into, the first of which being Digital Media Skills;the rest followed the suit. Build your first app, product development and Startup Operations were the next 3. I was fortunate to be nominated along with some of my other colleagues to be a part of what I would call  a very powerful set of workshops. I quickly accepted the opportunity and went through the curriculum for the 6 week module to become a ‘Social Media Don’.
MAH01673.MP4.Still002So, here I was attending the first workshop of Digital Media Skills by Nasr Ul Hadi– an expert in the social media space.  The first session largely covered Building and Managing online identities for organisations and for oneself from the perspectives of branding and marketing. The details of the workshop can be read here. Parallel to these sessions, we also ran writing workshops for the cohort, since writing/ blogging/documenting is the core essence of online marketing. This is a detailed account for good bad and ugly parts of writing and blogging.
We were a bunch of 25 social media enthusiast’s aspiring to be Social Media Dons’, for  the next 4 sessions we had already covered areas of
  1. Online audiences and metrics for linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, soundcloud, youtube and insights in to each one of them
  2. Building and managing an audience lifecycle , explored various sets of tools like, Chartbeat, comscore, appannie, Google Analytics, getamplify
  3. 3. Building and managing a CRM for your personal brand via the way of Gmail Tools, Yesware, Streak, Bit.ly
  4. Managing documents, workflows, distributed teams with help of tools like Google Drive, Docsend, Storify, Trello, IFTTT. Here is what one of our group members had to say about these workshops
By the end the of the last two sessions, the group grew more excited to use the digital media skills for their respective organisations, start-ups and themselves. Needless to say, we all felt very confident w.r.t.handling  social media properties and realised the tremendous power that social media entails.  Here is a blogpost by an Adianta fellow on the hidden power of social media. Here is how lists extracted from Facebook and Twitter can work wonders for marketing initiatives and for drawing analysis.
While I am surely no social media don, I must admit that I was completely unaware of the various facets of the social media space,  and with these sessions I explored the multiplicity of messages and platforms.  The social space is fast changing and dynamic; with these sets of acquired skills, I certainly have a good chance to sustain my career for a long period of time
Learning and acquiring new skills certainly is the key!

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