As I see the first dazzling rays of daylight,
Whirling in to the fading night
I wish I could hold everything I had with my grip tight
However it does not last long enough, perhaps a brutal fight

The restlessness in me preludes
And raises endless questions
To which my innate sense stands silent
With no answers to the wavelets of emotions

Grappling with my thoughts, I seek
Retort to the absolute confusion
Trying to delve deeper I suddenly realize I have become meek
Trying to pave a sequential thought composition

How much would I succeed is another a question
A session with seclusion perhaps can solve this inquest

It seems as I was falling forever and the ground was impossibly far away
Yet failing every time, to consolidate my opinions, I pray
How would this unsettled silence break
Who would come to my rescue?
or else I will be left alone to shriek

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Siddharth ने कहा…

This pernicious thought of loneliness, with no hope of getting out is so pervasive, yet we never seem to be able to get out of it, or take others out of it. At times, I feel, innately, the bearer wants to bear this wretchedness to gloat over self heroism or pity over the self..
Not sure though....

Ah! this vicarious sense of loneliness , reading your poem.... ummm .. forget it.. I will blow it up ..

Nice one!