Quirk of fate and my courtship...............

Times may be different, one needs to be persistent There would be some highs and lows, better you learn how to control the blows

Indeed I could not follow this
Even when circumstances were abyss

I was stubborn I was aggressive
He was patient and impressive

Despite all the odds we came together
the whole cosmos turned against us, but we dint bother

The maxim opposites attract proved to be right
As with each passing day the glittering sun would be more n more bright

The world seemed to be on our stride
Expectations won’t exist as we decide

Gradually I could not stick to my words
He deflated form his promises and made efforts

Things moved on, so did we
However, why clashes kept multiplying wondered we

On my way to relationship I made innumerable mistakes
He ignored them and treated them to be piece of flakes

Little did I know, that he would be a lethal addiction
And pointless to specify, devoid of any cure and medication

Whenever I was grappling with a situation
He would come to my rescue in every condition

Present he was always, to illuminate my path
Ready I was always, to render him the wrath

Not understanding him was my plight
To my amazement he was always right

There was this time when, I thought we are meant for each other
Very late did I realize he deserves some one better

The very thought of separating from him makes me go uneasy
Nonetheless, I guess I was making him go crazy

I feel this emptiness within me
It seems am unable to breathe n its killing me

My past memories still echoes in my veins
Now the fact that I am alone is driving me insane

With no further wastage of time :

Let me take this opportunity to thank him whole heartedly
And wish him love and luck for the entire life eventually


3 टिप्‍पणियां:

Swati Bansal ने कहा…

Too good...Wonderful work..very touching and symbolizes reality....

Priyanka ने कहा…

Fantastic Post of Your Whole Blog.....Reflecting every feel of yours

Siddharth ने कहा…

Very splendid piece of work. The flow of the thoughts was synchronized with the flow of time. It's amazing to find the way literature could emulate the vagaries of life and they way they keep repeating in everyone's life.